The importance of customer service in home insurance

When assessing your South Carolina home insurance quotes there are hard issues—like financial and coverage limits—and there are softer issues, like customer service. Or least that is how customer service is sometimes considered.

It is easy to discount the value of good customer service when you are sitting safe and dry. But in the event of a big natural disaster, or a fire, customer service may become very important, indeed. It may make the difference between your maintaining your sanity or being driven to distraction with anxiety about how you will repair damage and replace lost goods.  That’s what customers who have experience catastrophic losses will tell you, anyway.   Just look at photographs of people who have suffered a huge loss and you’ll see how important it is to them.

If you’ve lost your home and all its belongings, you want to be able to turn to a company that has representatives who know how to handle upset customers, customers who may be angry, heartbroken or short with them.  Customers looking for South Carolina home insurance quotes may have lost family and certainly have lost many of their most valued possessions, so agents who feel compassion and treat customers that way are worth gold.  You have every right to that kind of service, too.  If you have paid attention to any of the issues that come up after hurricanes, you know this to be true. Customer service counts the most after a big event like those.

The great thing about the internet is that with a keyboard and quick fingers you can easily access customer reviews. That first-hand experience that others have with a company speaks volumes to those who are considering signing on with a carrier.

When you look at customer reviews, know that there is always someone who has a bone to pick with the carrier and there will always be people who post sunshine reviews. You want to look at the middle ground. What do most consumers have to say about working with the carrier?

Can you reach a life person? Is the contact number 24/7?

Are they easy to work with?

Do they understand how to work with upset people?

How simple is the claim filing process?

Is reimbursement quick and easy?

Do they have any extra services to ease your way after a big loss?

These are the kinds of questions you should be asking as part of your assessment of any carrier.

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