Save on Arizona Auto Insurance for Your Teen By Making Sure They Get Enough Sleep

Your insurance rates are bound to go up if you drive a more expensive car, or you receive speeding or other moving violation tickets, but avoiding accidents will have the greatest effect when you’re trying to keep your Arizona auto insurance rates as low as possible.


You might be in for a surprise when you add your teenager to your auto insurance policy. The cost of insuring a teenage driver is much higher than the insurance for an adult. While a teenage driver might not have any tickets or accidents on their driving record, your Arizona auto insurance provider can’t use that as a way to determine their driving risk until they’ve been driving long enough to accumulate a safe driving history. However, there are things you can do to help reduce the risk of accidents, and your insurance rates at the same time.


One of the easiest ways to cut down on the risk of a car accident involving your teenager is to make sure they get enough sleep. Driving while impaired or texting gets a lot of attention in the media, but driving while sleepy might be the number one cause of accidents for teen drivers. A study in Europe found that teenagers and young adults who drove while sleepy were involved in twice as many accidents as teens that were well rested.


It’s not falling asleep behind the wheel that’s causing the most accidents. The majority of teen car crashes occur right after school is let out in the afternoon, and first thing in the morning. Teen drivers aren’t dozing off behind the wheel at these times. They’re suffering from a lack of alertness that’s common with people who are not getting enough sleep each night.


Teenagers require more sleep than adults, but they tend to get less. Surveys of American teens find that the average high school and college-age student gets nearly two hours less sleep than recommended. High school starting times have gotten progressively earlier over the last few decades, and the Internet and smartphones have made it more likely that teens will stay up later, shortening their sleeping time even further.


While factors like poor weather conditions, distracted driving, and traffic contribute to the incidence of teen car accidents, the number one way you can lower the risk of automobile accidents for your teenage children is to ensure that they get enough sleep. It will keep them safer, and it will save you money on your Arizona auto insurance policy at the same time.

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